Seeking Compensation for Injuries after Slip and Fall Accidents

Falling can result in serious injuries, especially for older people or for those who hit their heads, resulting in a long recovery period and missing work. If someone has fallen in a store, then they may be able to seek compensation for any injuries they’ve received if the fall was due to a slippery or unrepaired floor. However, proofing fault for a slip and fall Tampa can sometimes be difficult to do.

Basis of Fault

When someone has made a personal injury claim against a business, or even a homeowner, because of an accident like a slip and fall on their premises, the basis of the law is negligent. If the owner or management of the building or store knew of a problem and didn’t fix it, then they could be found at fault for accidents on the premises due to their neglect. By not fixing a problem or warning others about it, they neglected to provide a safe atmosphere which people frequenting a public establishment have a right to expect per the law.

A claimant in Florida can seek compensation for their medical expenses and lost wages, which are referred to as economic damages, and non-economic damages, which is pain and suffering. However, there is a time limit for seeking damages due to a slip and fall or other personal injury cases. A claimant has up to four years to file a personal injury case if they know their injury was caused by their slip and fall accident.

Comparative Negligence

However, Florida is a comparative negligence state, so if the claimant somehow contributed to the accident, their compensation will be reduced by the amount at which they are found partly at fault. If you’ve been injured in an accident, like a slip and fall, you should contact a personal injury lawyer for help.